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About us

Association of Information Centers of Slovakia (AICES) is a voluntary, non-political, professional and interest association of both physical and legal persons active in the field of information and tourism.



Námestie mieru č. 1, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš




  • Protect the rights and legitimate interests of information centers in Slovakia
  • To support and improve the operation of information centers in order to promote Slovakia in the interest of the development of foreign and domestic tourism
  • Cooperate with state and local authorities, individuals and legal persons at home and abroad in the field of information and tourism
  • Supervise the level of basic information services provided and promote association growth through quality systems (Professional Standards)
  • Increase the professional level and awareness of its members
  • Monitor, summarize and build the sector of information centers in the Slovak Republic
  • Become the center of the tourism information network in the Slovak Republic, aiming at a two-way flow of information that covers the needs of visitors (tourists), residents, municipalities, local authorities and business entities operating in tourism





  • Provides regular meetings of its members and joint events (colloquiums)
  • Presents information centers to the public (web, social networks, print materials, press conferences, partner organizations (NDS, a.s., Weby Group)
  • Provides training for its members
  • Promotes the interests of its members in the international sphere (V4 countries)
  • Reinforces qualified workforce for the information center sector through NSP and NSK
  • In cooperation with the Tourism Association of the Slovak Republic and other trade unions, it participates in the development of concepts, strategies, legislative modifications related to tourism and activities of information centers
  • Proposes and participates in the development of analyzes, methodologies, standards, standards and regulations for information centers
  • Presents to governmental and non-state institutions own proposals and requirements to solve information center issues
  • The Association is a member of the Presidium of the Tourism Association of the Slovak Republic


date: 2019-09-21

Name day of: Matúš

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